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Thumbnail Ethical Rewards: The Rising Ambitions of Socially Responsible Investing
Returns from socially responsible investment funds have been outperforming benchmarks, proving that trying to mitigate harm while making money can be a viable financial strategy. But does it really create a better world? Proponents are now questioning whether screening out toxic stocks is enough and are calling for more direct action through investment in real assets, greater shareholder activism and the introduction of impact investing, which seeks to meld social impacts with performance.
Knowledge@Australian School of Business 14/05/2014 - 17/06/2014
Thumbnail Embracing Challenges: Belinda Gibson on Leadership and ASIC
Belinda Gibson was deputy chair of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission from 2010 to 2013, having joined the peak regulator as a commissioner shortly before the global financial crisis. She dealt with structural change, made the transition from corporate lawyer to working within a large and complex organisation, and led initiatives that have improved financial markets. Now an adjunct professor at the Australian School of Business, Gibson speaks about her growth as a leader and highlights the importance of a sound educational framework, remaining objective, seeking challenges and not getting too comfortable.
Thumbnail Scale and Skill: Why It's Hard for Managed Funds to Beat the Indexers
For investors, the battle between actively managed mutual funds and their index-style competitors is like a sports rivalry. Recent Wharton research has unearthed a new factor influencing managed-fund performance: the growing size of the industry. The bigger it gets, the harder it is for any individual fund to beat its benchmarks.
Thumbnail Higher Goals: How to Deal With Too Many Choices
Everyday we're confronted with such a dizzying array of product choices that it's tempting to just switch off. Research co-authored by Zixi (Veronica) Jiang at the Australian School of Business offers insight into how we react to too many choices, and how we can work around it. Jiang suggests we “not go into the details of comparison from option to option, but take a step back and represent the choice abstractly in a way that they are similar” and then pick one without comparing features.
Thumbnail Huawei Aims High, Despite Obstacles to Growth
Long one of China’s most under-the-radar multinationals, telecom equipment maker Huawei is trying to shift from nuts and bolts systems to higher margin consumer products such as smartphones and tablets. While it struggles to expand its business in the US, Huawei is bound to continue growing quickly in other markets.
Thumbnail Dynamic Duo: Behold the Nano-biotechnology Industry
The combined expertise of nanotechnology and biotechnology has created a new global industry with real commercial opportunities. A team of researchers, including Martin Bliemel from the Australian School of Business, has investigated the growth of nano-biotechnology and how its inventions can turn into a business. They find it's “the small, fledgling experiments, often tightly integrated to universities, which seem most likely to cross-pollinate concepts from different disciplines” and lead to successful commercialisations. But Australia is lagging behind. Bliemel identifies problems and outlines a better approach.
Thumbnail Productivity Quotas: You Get What You Pay For
Quotas can be a successful method for motivating employees in some situations, but they can also spur a host of unintended consequences. Employees may focus on achieving their quota at the expense of anything else, and firms can end up incentivising behavior and work they don’t want to encourage.
Thumbnail The Internet of Things: How It Will Change the Way You Shop
As more and more devices are becoming tech-enabled and interconnected, consumer goods companies are upending their strategies for reaching customers. "It’s our biggest opportunity, but it’s also our biggest threat,” says Unilever’s Doug Straton at a Wharton summit.

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